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Search Marketing for Financial Services Brands in the US

Financial services and search marketing go hand-in-hand. They're equal parts science and art; fields where deep data and ongoing optimization come together to drive conversions, customer delight, and profitability. Our "Geeks with Personality" know how to transform those common qualities into lean, lead-generating paid search campaigns that are highly granular, context-sensitive, and span the spectrum from the brand down to the hyper-local level. Here's where your search ends—and your next-level search marketing campaign begins.

Why SEM could be your greatest investment

We've worked with financial services brands for many years. In that time we've come to learn a lot, like how to pay off our student loans faster, save a bundle on our motorbike insurance, and invest our pennies wisely. More importantly, we've honed our understanding of what it takes for finance and insurance brands to thrive in SEM:
  • Location isn't as prominent here as it is in other industries. There is some focus on local search, but users are mostly looking for a product that is relevant to them—and offers that are valid in their location.
  • People are generally comparison shopping for the best price regardless of location, so they're less inclined to visit a broker's physical location.
  • Users are also looking for a degree of security, which gives well-known brands an advantage: they are perceived to provide lower risk, more secure options.
  • People are looking to complete an easy form and receive a fast quote, which means removing friction between the user and the form can bring big wins (i.e. sitelink linked directly to the quote tool).
  • Negative keywords are important. There are a lot of irrelevant queries to filter out due to the broad range of services available (i.e. "insurance").
  • Remarketing is a great tool due to the consideration period, particularly if you're limited by budget. Staying top of mind during the consideration period is key.
  • There's a lot of mobile traffic; more than most sectors, in fact. A strong mobile strategy and fluid mobile experience is incredibly important.
  • You need to differentiate your strategy for business hours (driving phone and completed quotes) and for non-business hours (completed quotes only).


Spend money to make money: US spending on paid search and organic optimization will exceed $45 billion by 20191


Savvy searchers: Mobile searches for financial terms related to mortgages, credit cards, loans and life insurance are growing 48% YoY2


Small screen transactions: Finance searches and financial transactions are happening more on mobile, and conversion rates are 58% higher on mobile than on desktop3


Conversion architecture: Financial services websites have a 10% conversion rate — that's higher than any other industry!4

1 Forrester Research, "U.S. Digital Marketing Forecast, 2014-2019", November 2014
2,3 Google, "Google Analytics Finance category data, May 2014–January 2015", January 2015
4 MarketingSherpa, "2012 Website Optimization Benchmark Report", October 2012

Make sure your money is working double time with paid search campaigns that put ROI first.

It's time to join the local revolution

Successful, locally focused digital marketing depends on ensuring that every landing page, banner ad, search query, and tweet counts—because if you’re not reaching the right consumer at the right time, what’s the point? DAC aims to improve the reach, relevance, and reputation of your digital marketing efforts. And we’re not too bad at it, if we do say so ourselves.

5 bn

More than 5 billion people use mobile phones1


79% of shoppers research products before making in-store purchases2

1 GSMA Intelligence, 2018
2 Salesforce, "Connected Shoppers Report", 2017

We’re the type of agency that makes a conscious effort to learn something new every day. 

For an agency with the creativity and experience to make search marketing best practices work for your financial brand, look no further than DAC.

Over the last 46 years, DAC has grown from a regional print directory advertiser to a full-service digital performance agency. We started out small, but our focus on local and commitment to staying on the cutting edge of digital marketing innovation has brought us to where we are today. With offices across Canada, the US, and Europe, our “Geeks with Personality” spend their days working to connect brands with consumers.

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