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SEO for Private Education in the UK

The private education sector is growing quickly—both in the UK and globally. In fact, by 2020, the global tutoring market is projected to be worth more than $196 billion.1 For parents, hiring a private tutor is a small price to pay in exchange for their child’s success. Just like tutoring can put kids ahead of the pack, a comprehensive SEO strategy can give your private education brand the visibility and relevance it needs to drive measurably better performance. DAC’s SEO-obsessed "Geeks with Personality" know how to put best practices to work to create quality campaigns that will make your brand like that kid that sits front row centre in every class—only now it’s actually cool to be the teacher’s pet.

It’s time to give your SEO lesson plan an overhaul

While success in subjects like chemistry and maths will always require a certain level of book smarts, private tutoring requires a high level of emotional intelligence as well. Our track record speaks for itself: we have extensive experience working with private tutoring brands and understand what factors are important to parents who are looking for the right tutor for their child.

How do we do it? We start by getting to know our clients on a highly personal level. We find out everything there is to know about their business—like target demographics and franchise structure—and the services they provide, from general tutoring in reading, writing, and mathematics to one-on-one sessions on homework support, study skills, and even computer programming.

We then put all this new-found knowledge to good use to come up with SEO recommendations and create search- and conversion-optimized landing pages that target local queries to deliver the relevant, high-quality content that attracts parents. And because we know quality SEO is an ever-evolving process, our specialists continually perform A/B tests to look for areas that need improvement. We stay on top of best practices, updating our algorithms, and optimising local landing pages to make sure you’re getting the most out of every keyword.


Credit where credit is due: When it comes to driving traffic to websites, organic search is responsible for 51%, with paid search accounting for 10% and social for 5%2


Be specific: 50% of all search queries are at least four words long3


Google overload: Worldwide, Google processes over 40,000 search queries every second4


First thing’s first: 66% of marketers say improving SEO and growing their organic presence is their top inbound marketing priority5

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5 HubSpot, “The State of Inbound 2016”, January 2017

Our "Geeks with Personality" achieve top marks by developing SEO campaigns that are:

  • Local: Even the largest nationwide enterprise brands would be nothing without the success of individual franchises. Want to spread the word about what you have to offer in a specific neighbourhood? We can help.
  • Granular: Targeting search terms that are broad, pricey and high-volume won't make you stand out. A focus on long-tail search can give your brand the visibility to reach the right person at the right time.
  • Conversion-focused: A click-through is only half the battle. Turning that interest into a solid lead is the ultimate goal— and luckily, we have a few tricks up our sleeves when it comes to converting.

Want to drive SEO performance for your brand? It's time to do your homework.

It's time to join the local revolution

Locally focused digital marketing relies on maximising every single tweet, banner ad, search query, and landing page—after all, if you aren’t connecting with the right consumer at the right time, it’s all for nothing. DAC’s goal is to increase the reach, relevance, and reputation of all your digital marketing initiatives. And we’d like to think we’re pretty good at it too.

5 bn

More than 5 billion people use mobile phones1


79% of shoppers research products before making in-store purchases2

1 GSMA Intelligence, 2018
2 Salesforce, "Connected Shoppers Report", 2017

We’re the type of agency that makes a conscious effort to learn something new every day. 

For an agency with the creativity and expertise to make SEO best practices perform for your private education brand, make DAC your first choice.

For the last 46 years, DAC has been busy growing from a regional print directory advertiser into a full-service digital performance agency. We’ve come a long way from our humble beginnings thanks to our focus on local and commitment to staying at the front of the pack when it comes to digital marketing innovation. Our “Geeks with Personality” in offices all over Canada, the US, and Europe spend their days connecting brands to consumers.

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