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Social for Travel Brands in the UK

Panoramic mountaintop videos, beach sunset Instagrams, selfies with exotic animals—it’s no secret that travel and social networks are a match made in #humblebrag heaven. Hashtags and filters aside, social holds incredible marketing potential for travel brands in the UK. This includes seamless brand alignment, strategic roadmaps bolstered by deep data, and cohesive multichannel campaigns that are both meaningful and measurable. Find out how DAC can help your UK travel brand can execute all of the above and turn social into a channel that drives real conversations and greater conversions.

Three vital metrics for measuring your social media efforts

It’s important for your brand to have a social media presence. You want to meet your customers where they are while also nurturing connections with prospects. When it comes to monitoring and measuring these social media efforts, however, many brands fail to look at the metrics that matter most…

1. Touchpoints
Your website analytics are a crucial tool when it comes to measuring activity that has a direct impact on your business goals. Through multi-channel attribution modeling, you can see which type of social content acted as a conversion referral. Such examples include First Interaction, Last Interaction, Last Non-Direct Click, Linear Interaction, Time Decay, and Position-Based conversion paths. When choosing the right model, you want to ensure you’re being consistent with a baseline application, using a benchmark comparison, and staying diligent in your use of campaign tracking parameters.

2. Share of voice
Before you begin analyzing share of voice, you first need to start by identifying your brand’s top three competitors. This can be done via market research and examining your brand audience with a social listening tool. Once you establish your list of competitors, you can calculate a benchmark percentage, allowing you to identify and measure monthly or weekly fluctuations from your campaign performances.

3. Cost-per-acquisition
No matter how much creative thought you put into your social posts—and how much engagement it receives—your efforts are meaningless if you can’t tie them back to revenue. The ability to measure the impact of your social media efforts on a cost-per-acquisition basis enables you to continually optimize your marketing initiatives and demonstrate the ROI of your work to any stakeholder. In order to do this, you will need to get in-depth with your tracking parameters, build a CRM database, and set out a clear and mutually-agreed-upon formula such as CPA = Cost of Creative Efforts/(Impressions X CTR X CR).


Measuring is believing: 66% of marketers believe that social indirectly impacts their business performance, but only 9% feel it can be directly linked to revenue1


Social hour: The best time to post on social media is from late afternoon to nighttime (3 pm until 1 am)2


Watch this: 66% of travellers view online videos when they're thinking about taking a holiday3


Trending up: The share of marketing budgets spent on social media is forecast to grow from 11% in 2015 to 24% by 20204

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3 Think With Google, "Travel Content Takes Off on YouTube", August 2014
4 The CMO Survey, "CMO Survey Report: Highlights and Insights", August 2015

It's time to go viral. With our help, awareness of your travel brand will reach new heights.

It's time to join the local revolution

Locally focused digital marketing relies on maximising every single tweet, banner ad, search query, and landing page—after all, if you aren’t connecting with the right consumer at the right time, it’s all for nothing. DAC’s goal is to increase the reach, relevance, and reputation of all your digital marketing initiatives. And we’d like to think we’re pretty good at it too.

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More than 5 billion people use mobile phones1


79% of shoppers research products before making in-store purchases2

1 GSMA Intelligence, 2018
2 Salesforce, "Connected Shoppers Report", 2017

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