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Social for Retail in the UK

Good conversation may be considered an art, but social strategy is more like science; a science our data-driven, analytics-obsessed “Geeks with Personality” use to increase engagement, drive greater performance and improve ROI. At DAC, we understand how challenging it can be for UK retailers to stand out in social spaces more crowded than your local Asda the day before Christmas. That’s why our social scientists put on their figurative lap coats and safety goggles every day to mix up social strategies that combine creativity and statistics to help you attract all the likes, shares, and retweets you need to increase brand awareness. No selfies required.

Social buy buttons: fleeting trend or here to stay?

If instant gratification is the goal, social media is the place to get it. For retail brands, social channels are a great place to promote products and capitalise on the “I want it now” mentality, so why not give consumers the opportunity to make a purchase what they covet right then and there?

Social buy buttons have become more popular over recent years as retail brands figure out creative ways to monetise their social media presence and remain competitive in the crowded digital space. This social commerce, or s-commerce for short, is being explored by platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, with each space working to come up with methods for turning likes into dollars.

Although media excitement over s-commerce is at an all-time high, many brands have been hesitant to jump on the buy button bandwagon. The multi-touch, multi-device consumer already has numerous payment methods at their fingertips with options like Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and more eliminating the hassle of entering a credit card number before purchasing their must-haves.

At DAC, we know that connecting with the right consumer at the right time is essential to driving greater performance. For national retail brands with local footprints, meeting consumers in their preferred space can provide big opportunities. If that space allows for direct conversions, saving time and effort for both brand and consumer—why pass it up?


The power of social: 76% of UK content marketers use social promotion to promote content1


Social research: 37% of internet users turn to social networks to research brands and products, up from 28% in mid-20152


A little something extra: 69% of consumers who follow UK businesses on Facebook do so for special offers and competitions3


The next generation: 60% of UK marketers believe social media is important for their business4

1 Content Marketing Institute, “Content Marketing in the UK 2017: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends”, December 2016
2 Global Web Index, “Product Research on Social Media Rising”, November 2016
3 Statistica, “Leading reason for interacting with companies on social media platforms in the United Kingdom in 2015, by network”, September 2015
4 Marketing Inspector, “Social Media Marketing 2016”, July 2016

The three Cs of social media:

  • Content: We develop compelling, on-brand, action-driven content that connects to destination pages seamlessly, follows SEO best practices and prioritises quality over quantity.
  • Campaigns: Our social media campaign strategies increase brand awareness and drive quality traffic that converts.
  • Conversions: Using top-of-the-line tools and our proprietary TransparenSEE™ local ratings and reviews dashboard, our UK retail clients can not only keep a close eye on, but also participate in conversations about their brand.

Our highly social "Geeks with Personality" believe you can never have enough likes, shares... or shoes.

It's time to join the local revolution

Locally focused digital marketing is all about making every landing page, tweet, search query, and banner ad count—in other words, if it’s not reaching the right consumer at the right time, what’s the point? DAC’s goal is to increase the reach, relevance, and reputation of your digital marketing efforts. And we’re pretty good at it, if we do say so ourselves.

5 bn

More than 5 billion people use mobile phones1


79% of shoppers research products before making in-store purchases2

1 GSMA Intelligence, 2018
2 Salesforce, "Connected Shoppers Report", 2017

We’re the kind of agency that jumps at opportunities to learn something new every single day. 

For an agency with the creativity and experience to make social best practices work for your retail brand, look no further than DAC.

Over the last 46 years, DAC has grown from a regional print directory advertiser to a full-service digital performance agency. We started out small, but our focus on local and commitment to staying on the cutting edge of digital marketing innovation has brought us to where we are today. With offices across Canada, the US, and Europe, our “Geeks with Personality” spend their days working to connect brands with consumers.

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