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Local Presence Management for Retail in the UK

In our digitally-driven, multi-device, multi-touch world, where would your retail brand be without visible, accurate local listings? It might not be easy to continually monitor and optimise your local business information across networks like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and even Facebook, but those listings are helping you connect with the right consumer at the right time—when they’re most likely to convert. Luckily, DAC’s LPM experts’ uncanny attention to detail (usually reserved for spotting Easter eggs in the latest sci-fi film trilogy) is here to help you manage the little things. With the help of our proprietary TransparenSEE™ platform, we can build better visibility for your brand at the local level, following that up with increased conversion rates and ROI. Basically, you build it, and we’ll make sure they come.

Five steps for optimising your Google My Business page

Google’s local ranking factors are many and varied, but by focusing on these five main areas, you can give your local business listings the best possible chance to succeed.
  • Business name, address, phone number (NAP) – It may seem obvious, but a lot of businesses actually have a number of variations of their name floating around the search ecosystem. Making sure your business name, address and phone number is accurate and consistent on Google and other directories is an important first step towards attracting and retaining leads.
  • Hours of operation and holiday hours – Think about how often you use search and maps channels solely for finding out a store's business hours on any given day. All the time, right? Google will consult your inputted hours to inform a searcher whether they’ll be able to make it to your store in time. It’s possible Google could display incorrect hours if third-party sites don’t match!
  • Categorise – Did you know that you have an opportunity to rank in unbranded searches? Start with making your categorisation more robust by including more than just your primary category. Try adding a range of secondary categories that match the depth and breadth of your products and services.
  • Encourage reviews – Google pays close attention to reviews, which means frequent, varied and recent reviews can help your business rank higher. Encourage positive reviews by reaching out to consumers online and building a favourable reputation to create a strong ranking signal for your listing.
  • Photos – Rich content that's tailored to your location is a great way to entice consumers to purchase at the moment of intent. Photographs can help make your business stand out, and provide a useful visual reference of the store location. Make sure you also populate your logo to reinforce brand awareness.


Nearby buyers: "Near me" searches containing a variant of "can I buy" or "to buy" grew 5x between 2015 and 20171


Accuracy first: It's estimated that 80% of smartphone searchers have used their device on the go to locate a retail store or check opening hours2


Location, location, location: Nearly 1/3 of all mobile searches are related to location3


Keep up appearances: 88% of consumers report that they like to check out online reviews before they purchase local services4

1 Google Data, U.S., July-Dec. 2015 vs. July-Dec. 2017
2 RetailMeNot, “The State of Mobile Apps for Retailers” conducted by Forrester Research, August 2015
3 Google Internal Data, April 2016
4 Placeable, “Be Found: Location-Based Marketing Insights”, 2014

We're here to put your retail brand on the digital map. Literally.

Isn't it time you joined the local revolution?

Locally focused digital marketing relies on maximising every single tweet, banner ad, search query, and landing page—after all, if you aren’t connecting with the right consumer at the right time, it’s all for nothing. DAC’s goal is to increase the reach, relevance, and reputation of all your digital marketing initiatives. And we’d like to think we’re pretty good at it too.

5 bn

More than 5 billion people use mobile phones1


79% of shoppers research products before making in-store purchases2

1 GSMA Intelligence, 2018
2 Salesforce, "Connected Shoppers Report", 2017

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For an agency with the creativity and experience to make LPM best practices work for your retail brand, look no further than DAC.

Over the last 46 years, DAC has grown from a regional print directory advertiser to a full-service digital performance agency. We started out small, but our focus on local and commitment to staying on the cutting edge of digital marketing innovation has brought us to where we are today. With offices across Canada, the US, and Europe, our “Geeks with Personality” spend their days working to connect brands with consumers.

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