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Display Media for Quick Service Restaurants in the UK

Stiff competition can make life tough for quick service restaurant businesses in the UK. Fortunately, such brands are targeting an audience that's always hungry for the product—in a very literal sense. That's where display advertising can help you stand out from the crowd, driving your digital performance—and your prospects' appetites—in the right direction. DAC's display specialists know that QSR campaigns aren't simply a case of fancy food photography and mouth-watering calls to action: they can also be continually customised to convert using deep-dive analysis, A/B testing, and the full spectrum of bidding tactics from premium to programmatic and real-time. And whether it's at the national or hyper-local level, we can layer in CRM data to target specific demographics, behaviours and geographies. That's how we frame your food to fit every potential appetite.

Get with the programmatic

You should do whatever it takes (within reason, of course) to get an edge in a market as mature and competitive as QSR in the UK. On an almost-daily basis, restaurant brands and businesses are finding new and innovative ways to leverage display advertising to strengthen customer loyalty and maintain positive growth. At times like these, there may be a golden opportunity to start embracing display's new standard: programmatic bidding.

Programmatic uses sophisticated algorithms and fully automated real-time buying, placement, and optimisation to not only mass distribute your ads but also scope out the best CPM inventory in the market. And because we're basically living in the future at this point, it all happens in milliseconds. Could your QSR brand take the opportunity to create hyper-local, mobile-optimized display campaigns—and transform old school ad impressions into measurably greater foot traffic to your restaurants?


Persistent promotion: According to an AdRoll report, adding Facebook to existing display retargeting campaigns resulted in 92% more impressions and 27% lower CPC1


Temptation in your pocket: 75% of customers polled said mobile ads for new menu items would make them more likely to try it2


You're number one! Restaurant searches constitute almost a quarter (23%) of all local searches, which is the largest of any business category3


No more indecision: Users who are retargeted to are 70% more likely to convert4

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2 JiWire, "Mobile Audience Insights Report", December 2013
3 comScore, "7th Annual Local Search Study", April 2014
4 Wishpond, "[Infographic] 7 Incredible Retargeting Ad Stats", September 2014

Your lunch menu isn't one size fits all. Your display ad campaigns shouldn't be either.

Be a part of the local revolution

Locally focused digital marketing relies on maximising every single tweet, banner ad, search query, and landing page—after all, if you aren’t connecting with the right consumer at the right time, it’s all for nothing. DAC’s goal is to increase the reach, relevance, and reputation of all your digital marketing initiatives. And we’d like to think we’re pretty good at it too.

5 bn

More than 5 billion people use mobile phones1


79% of shoppers research products before making in-store purchases2

1 GSMA Intelligence, 2018
2 Salesforce, "Connected Shoppers Report", 2017

We’re the kind of agency that jumps at opportunities to learn something new every single day. 

Look no further than DAC for an agency that combines display experience and creativity to drive performance for your quick service restaurant brand.

Since our original incarnation as a regional print directory advertiser 46 years ago, DAC has been hard at work developing into a full-service digital performance agency. With our focus on local, we’ve remained at the forefront of digital marketing innovation and become a leader in the industry. You can find our “Geeks with Personality” in offices all over Canada, the US, and Europe hard at work connecting brands with consumers.

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